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The Most Dangerous Trucking Companies

The U.S. economy is dependent on the commercial trucking industry. Each year, nearly 71% of all freight transported by the country’s truck drivers is carried by 39 billion gallons of diesel fuel.

Trucking companies might feel pressured to deliver loads on schedule due to high demand.

Corporate profits can be more important than public safety. This is why fatal truck collisions are possible.

What are the most dangerous trucking companies?

The Department of Transportation requires that carriers report certain accidents. These accidents are called DOT-Recordable Incidents and must be reported according to SS390.15 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

  • There is always a fatality.
  • Any injuries sustained on the scene may require immediate medical attention.
  • A number of vehicles sustain “disabling damage”, and must be removed from the scene.


According to the number of accidents reported, the following are the top trucking companies:

  • Werner Enterprises: 960 collisions in a period of two years
  • Swift Transportation — 1,500 collisions within two years
  • U.S. U.S.

These commercial carriers include:

  • FedEx: 1,762 accidents (5 fatalities, 575 injuries) within two years
  • UPS: 2,003 accidents (49 fatalities, 689 injuries) within two years

Remember that trucking companies that have more trucks on the road and travel more miles are more likely to be involved in an accident. Trucking companies with fewer trucks may have a higher accident rate per vehicle or per mile. If you need a truck accident lawyer, call Goldman Legal Helpline.

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