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An unidentified flying object or UFO is a phenomenon that cannot be scientifically explained or identified. Most UFO reports are believed to be natural occurrences. Some are related to weather or debris in the sky, some are unexplained flying objects reported by military pilots and others are claimed sightings by private citizens. The word UFO is very commonly used for reported unexplained, alleged sightings of flying objects.

UFO Incidents Occur

Unsolved UFO incidents do exist. However, many people have reported such incidents and even some have received government grants to conduct UFO research. The majority of people who believe they have had a mysterious UFO encounter believe that the object was in fact real and that it has landed somewhere. A popular belief is that the object was a UFO, a military aircraft, a missile, a comet, a meteor, or a space ship. There is no evidence to support this. However, there are numerous witnesses of such UFO events who claim that the object was real. Some people report that they saw a UFO land at the exact same time that they saw a huge thunderstorm or lightning.

What Qualifies as an UFO Incident?

There are two schools of thought as to what causes UFO incidents. One school believes that the phenomenon is an actual occurrence that was caught on tape by witnesses. The other school believes that the phenomenon is a hoax being perpetrated by those who would benefit from our ignorance.


If you have ever seen military aircraft, then you have an idea of what a UFO is. Military aircraft are also referred to as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Some believe that the US government and some military agencies have a secret agenda to explore UFO sightings and to create UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) so they can use them for surveillance. Many people who claim to have been approached by such vehicles have experienced sudden, unexplainable, and often frightening experiences.

UFO’s are Subjective in Nature

The unexplained phenomena is a subjective experience, but it does seem to be related to our surroundings. People who witness UFO incidents believe that their physical senses are affected by the objects that they observe, which could affect their behavior and cause them to experience the phenomenon.

If You See a UFO, Contact an Expert

There is little information available that can be proven or disproved that the phenomena really exist, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Anyone who sees, hears, or feels a UFO is encouraged to contact authorities, whether through a written report, a phone call, or through a personal visit. UFO website.

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