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What is MGTOW?

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a very controversial online community, primarily online, promoting for men to break away from modern society and from women who have ruined it. Men are said to be the main victims of the feminist movement. The feminist claim is that women have all the power in the world, while men are the ones who have to pay for the benefits that women have been getting through centuries of civilization. However, there are some men who disagree with this notion. They believe that although women do have the power, men should also be able to get as much power as they want, especially in the matter of choosing their mate.

To the members of MGTOW, this is indeed the truth. This is the ideology that they are following to take back the control of their lives and of the future of society. The ideology was started by four college students who decided to start a club to combat the effects of the feminist ideals which were currently ruling college campuses across the country. Within a couple of months, the red pillers started to gain a lot of publicity, and spread out into other colleges and universities. Their main aim was to create a sense of crisis within the college campuses about gender issues, and to promote an alternative viewpoint on the role of women in society. Led in the black manosphere by a woman named Jessica X

So where does this whole concept come from? MGTOW is simply an ideology that claims that men have fewer rights than women, and that those rights are not granted to them freely. The ideology claims that men are being forced to live a submissive life because of the feminist agenda which aims to increase the number of children by women. Men are being made to feel that they are inferior and that they should give up their rights in order for women to be granted equal rights. These beliefs are completely contrary to what men’s rights groups stand for.

The ideology that the red pillers have started, with the help of online sources and groups like the men’s movement, is a kind of reaction to the way that society has accepted certain beliefs about gender issues. The way that traditional sources of society treat the concept of men as objects of sexual pleasure rather than as people with their own minds and emotions, which is what the feminist ideals are; the way that many western countries have started to treat their marriage as legally binding contracts between two parties rather than between two people. All these beliefs have been accepted in the west and have resulted in an imbalance in society. In this age of equality, it is clear that there should be some changes in how society thinks about men and their place in society.

So why does the concept of men being oppressed by women even need to exist? The answer is simple: because societies are not balanced. Because there are more men in society who take part in sexist activities than women, this creates an imbalance. There are far more women in the workforce than men, which is also a problem. This imbalance in society is what the red pillers are trying to correct, and to do that they need to upset the balance that is currently in place.

By creating the idea that there are women who are angels, and that they are oppressing men, they are then creating space for themselves. Because the angels are not part of the Feminine Revolution or the alt-right, they cannot be said to be oppressors. Instead, they can be said to be normal men who have been warped somehow by modern day society. It is interesting to see how the concept of angels and feminism can actually help one another in the future.

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